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Steve Hall

Australia's leading Authority on Selling at C Level I Executive Sales Coach I Corporate Storyteller I Devil's Advocate


Steve Hall has been described as Australia's leading Authority on Selling at C level. He is the founder and Managing Director of Executive Sales Coaching Australia and is an Executive Sales Coach and Corporate Storyteller.

Steve helps sales people and sales leaders sell more effectively to senior executives and:

* understand the issues that C level executives care about
* identify how they can help senior executives achieve their goals
* develop messages that attract senior executives' attention
* communicate their messages effectively via the best channels
* schedule significantly more introductory meetings at C level
* prepare effectively for C level executive meetings
* get the best possible results from C level meetings
* identify decision makers and what they care about
* build consensus so they can win more, bigger B2B sales

Steve is a gifted corporate storyteller. He helps his clients create a compelling vision that inspires and attracts customers and prospects. He is an author, a keynote speaker and a Devil's Advocate, challenging his clients' ideas and approaches to make them more powerful.

He has held senior management positions in sales, marketing, professional services and project management. He has sold products and services worth more than $100 million in over 30 countries on six continents and has worked with Fortune 500, FTSE 100, ASX 100 and NASDAQ listed corporations as well as many smaller public and private companies.

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Steve Hall

Recomendations for Steve Hall

Christophe DuMonet
Managing Director - Esker ANZ
Steve has been the driving force of our lead generation / relationship development activities over the past 2 years. Thanks to his experience and expertise in solution selling of complex business solutions, he has been able to both coach our marketing team and his internal relationship development managers to accelerate our market development and develop some exciting new opportunities.

Steve's ability to ask pertinent questions, drill down into the details when and where needed, and then create and execute an action plan, has been a great asset to our company.

Every review meeting is an exciting exchange of ideas, balanced challenge of views, and effective brainstorming activities. AND there is always a documented action plan to ensure buy-in and commitment to action by all. So i can only but recommend Steve to any company seeking to accelerate its market development. He is great to work with, action orientated, open to new ideas and feedback - and he is the type of person you want to spend time with in any social environment.
Alex Boyd
Sales Director - Stoploss Logic
Steve has done an elegant piece of work for us and helped us refine our message superbly. He showed a remarkable acuity and was able to deliver a bespoke service to us which reflected our business model, our stage in our life cycle and provided the lighting on the roadmap to where we are heading. He understands the challenges companies face in attracting new business and helps to demystify the process in order to achieve quantifiable results.


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