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Peter Strohkorb

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Peter is an international Sales and Marketing consultant, speaker and author, specializing in Smarketing®, i.e Sales and Marketing team effectiveness through closer alignment & collaboration, and customer centricity. Peter has offices in Australia and in the USA.

Peter holds qualifications in Marketing and Management from MGSM in Sydney, Australia and is a guest lecturer in the EMBA program at the prestigious Sydney Business School.

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Peter Strohkorb

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Anoushka Gungadin 安努
CEO-Duke of Ed Vic/Women leadership mentor, speaker, best-selling author/NFP/Youth leadership/ Entrepreneur
In our strategic move to sustainability & scalability, I engaged Peter’s firm to assist our not-for-profit organisation achieve effectiveness in our sales and marketing efforts. Peter’s OneTEAM Method is a no-brainer and the ideal vehicle to achieve that outcome successfully. The first phase has been completed and we are very pleased with the result & recommendations.

We are excited to be moving into the implementation phase which will align sales & marketing with our strategic organisational goal - to achieve growth in both market awareness and participation/continuation in our awards. Too often, sales & maketing are competing at the expense of organisational growth. If you want to engage your team and get the best performance for your organisation, OneTEAM Method is the way to go. More than merely consulting us, Peter’s team is also hands on in the implementation of his Method to get us the best possible outcome.

Lisa Nili
Time4Fusion Director
These guys really know their stuff and the OneTEAM Method is truly results orientated. Peter is an excellent advisor and someone I highly recommend. The OneTEAM Method: How Sales+Marketing Collaboration boosts big business. (9781507834701): Mr Peter Strohkorb: Books The OneTEAM Method: How Sales+Marketing Collaboration boosts big business. (9781507834701): Mr Peter Strohkorb: Books
The most valuable knowledge contribution is the section on trends that are reshaping the sales world. I have read technical papers on e-commerce driven evolution of the ‘buyer’s journey’ but never one as clear as this. Refreshingly clear and jargon free – I wish more books were like this. The book is comprehensively researched and backed by numerous references in the text. These could be less intrusively handled as footnotes but provide ample additional sources of insight. The book is written in first person and contains a wealth of the author’s personal experiences. It is also an unashamed pitch for his consulting services although it contains sufficient value that a moderately intelligent person will be able to glean from the pages and put into practice. This book aims to: 1) Show that solvable collaborative issues are impeding business growth 2) Prove that organizations thus impeded are falling significantly behind in the race to keep up with the ever-accelerating Buyer’s Journey 3) Provide the reader with the adaptive collaborative tool kit that they need to prevent their organizations from falling behind their more agile competitors. It meets and exceeds those goals. Helpful chapter ‘takeaways’ are provided. The final chapter cautions against analysis paralysis, deferment, procrastination and deliberation – the prescription for which is leadership! Tables, charts and a few cartoons enliven the text which is fast paced and well written. The book can be read quickly if one is not distracted by the constant references to other interesting information. Accompanied by ‘Dr Google’ it is a formidable information stockpile. For a manager there is much to recommend in the pragmatic documentation of the costs of poor collaboration. For the director there is clear information on how traditional structures are disrupted by digital processes in tangible business processes; this book will help those of us who are not digital natives to sense the trends and position our organisations to benefit. For both, with the application of a little effort, this book will provide some implementable ideas for building sustainable revenue. The OneTEAM Method: How Sales+Marketing Collaboration boosts big business. (9781507834701): Mr Peter Strohkorb: Books The OneTEAM Method: How Sales+Marketing Collaboration boosts big business. (9781507834701): Mr Peter Strohkorb: Books
The Business & Client Services Team at Informed Solutions has found Peter Strohkorb’s 'OneTEAM method' very useful in our efforts to continually improve our market and business development strategies. Strohkorb clearly outlines the common symptoms of Sales and Marketing misalignment and how collaboration and team configuration can provide long-term prevention as well as a short term cure. ‘The OneTEAM Method’ offers a refined, practical and achievable set of steps – via a “multi-purpose toolkit’ - that you can implement, no matter where your organisation is on its collaboration journey. Our company, like many, do not have ‘siloed’ teams’; instead we rely on collaboration across all of our service groups. This book has provided us with both ideas and possible solutions for how we can improve team working to drive business improvements and achieve better results. The specific and comprehensive guidance within ‘The OneTEAM Method’ sets it apart from traditionally dry and jargon filled sales and marketing advice texts. We would recommend it to any organisation seeking to improve team working, increase collaboration and boost the success of its market and business development efforts.


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