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John Bedwany


John Bedwany is CEO of the Database Dept., a company that provides demand generation, pipeline management and sales and marketing analytic services to many of the world's leading technology and other companies.

These include iconic and innovative organisations like Amazon Web Services, Adobe, Cisco, CommVault, Fujitsu, Google, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and VMWare.

John's passion is to help his company's clients win new customers, increase profits, protect their brand and sell more to existing customers through effective marketing, relationship management and pipeline creation.

His experience helping senior executives in global companies combined with thirty years working in more than thirty countries in Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa has helped the Database Dept. develop their unique sales driven marketing methodologies and systems.

John's experience in all aspects of business strategy along with his wide international exposure has seen him advising and educating many C level executives in some of the largest and most influential companies in Asia Pacific and beyond.


John Bedwany

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John is a one-off. You'd think someone with his drive, his passion, his intelligence and his amazing work ethic might take a "job first take no prisoners" view of life. But he doesn't. He is a truly compassionate leader and even though he drives his people hard, he does it with love and understanding. He motivates people through passion, through loyalty and through his personal example. This is one reason why "C" level executives in the biggest names in IT - Amazon, Google, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, VMWare and many more - seek his advice and use his services. John is one of the most innovative thinkers on sales, prospecting, marketing and relationship management in Australia. Steve Hall Managing Director, Executive Sales Coaching Australia
When David Thodey ran the SMB group for IBM Australia he seemed to enjoy hiring people not afraid to shake things up. When John joined our new small business area he was no exception. Not in an unplanned, unthinking way - I recommend John because I found him to be a very strong, insightful thinker. John took his initial shock & frustration at being new to the IBM 'aircraft carrier' and turned it into powerful, effective execution. I also respected his great work/life balance, and really enjoyed his intelligent sense of humour. Highly recommended ally on anything complicated and important. Jeremy Pollard Director, Shipley Asia Pacific


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