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John Dougan

Intrepid Sales Detective and Trusted Advisor to Australian Sales and Marketing Executives at SalesITV


I help organisations grow revenue through predictable sales results. I am spearheading the Sales Advisory business at SalesITV where we use research and analytics to advise customers on measuring ROI on sales performance, training and strategy initiatives.

I also develop content marketing and am a Keynote Speaker for several organizations on sales effectiveness and social selling.

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John Dougan

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Tony J. Hughes
Sales Leadership and Strategic Social Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Mentor and Coach.
John is without doubt one of the leading influencers in professional selling worldwide! He's a brilliant writer and has real insight into what creates success for entrepreneurs, sales people and managers. He uniquely brings innovation in sales methodology, process and technology together to transform results and drive positive change. John has made a real difference in my own business and I highly recommend him if you're serious about elevating your business and improving results

Daniel Wood
General Manager Australia & New Zealand at Melaleuca: The Wellness Company
Social Media is rapidly transitioning from an optional sales tool to critical tool required at every stage of the sales process. At first glance, using Social Media in a sales context seems simple but after only a little investigation becomes incredibly complex.

This is where John comes in. It is not just his knowledge of Social Media that makes him a good person to know, it is his knowledge of the larger sales environment which creates his true value. His consultative, friendly, open style makes him an excellent bridge from the past to the future. You should take the time to meet him, you will likely learn a great deal.


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