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Dean Kelly

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What if... you could improve the margin on each deal? close deals faster? escape from single issue (price) negotiations? improve outcomes when negotiating with professional buyers?

Dean Kelly, the deal mechanic, supports clients close "bigger deals, faster" with specific sales opportunity and negotiation consulting which builds greater value in deals. Success stories, immediate impact on live deals in the pipeline, improving outcomes in all B2B negotiations (for sellers or buyers) with a simple proven process!

Goal: helping clients improve the outcomes of their deals, align their sales team around a Negotiation Process that delivers value every time.

Specialties: Strategic Negotiation Consulting that drives better deals faster; Sales strategy, Deal Pitching and Deal Strategy, Partner recruitment strategies and enablement.

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Dean Kelly

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Sławomir Nowak
"I recommend Dean to anyone who wants to improve his/her success rate within key accounts while selling complicated products on a very competitive market. Great job and keep going that way!"


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