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Cian McLoughlin

Win/Loss Guru | Business Author | Keynote Speaker | Sales Consultant & Advisor


Cian specializes in helping technology and professional services companies with established sales teams, who want to:

• improve key parts of their sales processes,
• increase their sales conversion rates
• stop losing to the same competitors over and over
• learn how and when to qualify out
• understand why they are winning or losing business.

He does this by developing a tailored Win/Loss Review Program.

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Cian McLoughlin

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Andrew Powell
Managing Director APAC & Middle East at Rimini Street
Cian was appointed as the SAP Partner Manager for Extend Technologies in 2008. During 2009 and 2010 Extend achieved exceptional license results as demonstrated by back-to-back Pinnacle Awards from SAP Asia Pacific/Japan. In 2011 Cian left SAP to form Trinity Perspectives. Extend engaged Trinity Perspectives to provide guidance around our client engagements. Cian has a great understanding of channels and strategic sales cycles. He is well regarded for his integrity, ability to 'read the play', and communicate his thoughts and recommendations in a concise and constructive way.


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