Your roadmap to sales management success (Book review)

Wayne Moloney


I recently read a new sales management book by Wayne Moloney titled ‘Your roadmap to sales management success“.

If you are looking for something different and confronting – this is NOT the book.
If you are looking for something Roadmap to sales management successrefreshingly practical – something that will help you be a better sales manager – this IS the book.

I found this book to be an excellent reference manual for sales managers to help them as they go about their daily role.  As the title states it is a ‘Roadmap’ for sales managers.

Moloney has packed this book with good common sense advice and fresh insights into how to manage and lead a sales team.

He outlines the various aspects of being a sales manager and structures these into each chapter.

Chapters include; how to be a leader, how to be a team captain, how to be a planner, how to be a performance supervisor, how to be a delegator, how to be a good communicator, how to be a change agent and particularly how to be a great coach.

I would expect that this will be one of those books that the sales manager will revisit regularly and will have by her side every day.

I recommend it for all people who manage sales teams.


I recently interviewed Wayne on the subject of his first chapter ‘A good sales manager is a leader’ – see it here.  This should give you some insight into Wayne’s thinking. If you like what you hear you might consider picking up a copy of the book at here at Amazon.


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