5 sales management questions for insight and value


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DJK-picIn a recent interview with Dean Kelly “How to conduct the Internal Conversation” he promised to provide 5 key questions that sales managers should ask the salesperson to encourage a constructive conversation with the customer.

I am pleased to advise that Dean has gone one step further – he provided us with a sales coaching and questioning model for you to download. This model comprises the 5 management questions designed to gain better insight on a deal and to improve deal qualification. It also provides you with a structure to help understand those questions and the outcomes they will achieve for you and your salesperson – not to mention the customer.


StrategicSellingGroup-5Q-CREATE VALUEThese questions and the way they are applied will help:

  • Qualify how compelling it is for the client to resolve their issue!
  • Identify the Stakeholders, Sponsor, the owner of the REAL problem.
  • Identify the alternatives: ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Competition’, ‘Do It Themselves’.
  • Determine the sales strategy needed to win.
  • Determine how we can articulating our value.
  • Discover how we are managing the buying process?


These questions will also help you get answers to your two top of mind forecasting questions; “How big is it?” and “When are we going to get it?” without you having to ask them.


DOWNLOAD HERE> 5 sales management questions for insight (82 downloads)


If you want more information on the questions and how they can be applied most effectively send Dean a note via his profile page here.

Alternatively make a comment or ask a question below and Dean will respond.

John leads three related organisations, Custell, Strategic Selling Group and Sales Masterminds APAC. These help B2B selling organisations, who recognise the need to transform their sales capability, to respond to the tsunami of change that is starting to wash over us all. He works with people who recognise that to survive they must more strategically support their customer in their buying journey - and understand that they must become specialists in the customer's domain in order to be of value to them. He also helps sales teams build differentiated personal brands and leverage the digital and social worlds to engage to create trust and value.

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