TALKING SALES 41: “5 Laws for Stratospheric Sales Success”

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Ian LoweIn this short interview Ian Lowe shares his 5 laws for stratospheric sales success with John Smibert.

Ian claims that the five laws are an integrated set of principles that, if applied together, you you will not only achieve sales success but also live a more fulfilling and more satisfying life.

He discusses each of the 5 laws and explains why they are important. View his interview below.

Ian is the CEO of Go-Givers Australia. He is an expert in sales transformation and a specialist in why people sell.


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John: Welcome back! I’ve got Ian Lowe with me again, Ian’s the CEO of Go-Givers Australia. He’s an expert in sales transformation, and a specialist in helping us understand the why of sales versus the how. Welcome back, Ian!

Ian: Pleasure to be here, John! Great to be with you!

John: To further the question of why, I know you’ve got five laws for sales success. I’d like to get some insight into those and how they actually do drive sales success. What are they?

Ian: Sure, I’ll give you a quick overview of the five laws, John. Importantly, the five laws—it’s like an integrated set of principles that, if applied together, can not only help you to live a more fulfilling and more satisfying life but also will lead to greater success, and they’re really very simple laws. The first law is what we call the ‘Law of Value’, and that simply says: make the purpose of your sales efforts – your sales coach or your sales organisation – to make ‘create value’ for your customers everything that you’re about.

John: Right, yes. We’ve already talked about that.

Ian: And that’s a great start, right?

John: Yes.

Ian: The second law is the ‘Law of Compensation’. The law of compensation tells us that in order to be successful in sales we need to touch lots of people with the exceptional value we provide. So, creating value is one thing, but if I only create value for you, John – you’re my only customer – then the chances are that I’m not going to be doing that well.

John: True, yes.

Ian: So, I need to find more of you and then I can touch more people with the exceptional value, yes?

John: Right.

Ian: The second law tells us that the more we do that the more we’ll be rewarded with a greater income.

John: That’ll just naturally come? You’re not actually seeking income, you’re actually seeking to give?

Ian: You’re seeking to create value for people in ways that they care about. Remember we talked about in an earlier video that people will buy from you because they see there is more value in them buying than them not buying.

John: Okay.

Ian: So, if you help them get value in a way that they care about then you’ll be successful.

John: Okay. And the third?

Ian: The third law is the ‘Law of Influence’. The law of influence amplifies the power of the second law. It says “It’s easy to see the impact you’re having on the people you meet. But what about the people you don’t meet?” What about the people you’ve not met yet? You haven’t laid eyes on them, yes? The law of influence talks about extending the reach of your influence beyond the people you’ve met directly.

John: This is what I call personal branding and driving out your personal brand, and the domain expertise you’ve got, to a wider audience.

Ian: Yes, yes.

John: Okay.

Ian: It creates sort of a magnetic effect, it pulls people to you. You touch people’s lives even though you haven’t met them yet, but they’ve heard about the great things you do.

John: And so the importance of this social engagement, what some people call social selling.

Ian: It’s pretty cool, yeah – LinkedIn’s a great example.

John: Yes.

Ian: The fourth law is the ‘Law of Authenticity‘, and this is a big one I think for the sales profession. This law tells us that the greatest gift you have to give is yourself, right? And that means we have to turn up as ourselves, we have to look in the mirror and fall in love with who we are.

John: That can be tough.

Ian: It can be tough, right? Because so many of us have fallen into the behaviour of sort of playing the role of the salesperson.

John: Yes, yes.

Ian: So, that can be tough. In fact, these last two laws are probably the most challenging for people to accept, the law of authenticity.

John: But I can understand, it’s really important.

Ian: So critical.

John: We might talk later about how we do that.

Ian: Absolutely.

John: Okay.

Ian: And the final law is the ‘Law of Receptivity’. The law of receptivity tells us that the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

John: And I guess that’s important, because if you’re not you might never get anything back and only give.

Ian: Exactly right. It’s amazing how many of us are closed to receiving. You know, if you think about it, even a compliment… Someone pays you a compliment, it’s very easy to brush that off. “Oh, no-no-no! Don’t, don’t!” You know, we brush off a compliment. We can’t even receive a compliment from somebody graciously, we have to brush it away. So many of us have grown up with these ideas that it’s better to be a giver than it is to be a receiver.

John: And that, I’d imagine, would be a real problem if you’re dealing with a taker.

Ian: Absolutely right, yeah – you can be taken advantage of very quickly.

John: We don’t want that to happen.

Ian: No! [laughs]

John: Okay. They’re great five laws, I look forward to learning more about those in the future – thanks, Ian!

Ian: That’ll be a great conversation, John – I look forward to it!


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