The Professor: “Insightful questions”


ThProf Diculous4is is the 6th in the Professor H. Diculous series of light hearted sales videos.

In this short interview by John Smibert, Professor H. Diculous discusses the importance of salespeople asking insightful questions of their prospective customers.

The Professor discusses the use of insightful questions in a sales meeting. He explains why their important. and how they should be applied.

The professor went out of his way to show his academic prowess. He is obviously a very tangential and controversial thinker about selling methods. What do you think?


Professor Harry Diculous is the adjunct professor of anthropology and trustee of the endowment of sales and social selling.

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Professor Diculous is a pre-eminent thought leader on social media. Originally a boat refugee from Greece, he entered Australia as an economic asylum seeker following the collapse of the Greek economy. He quickly developed a masterful Aussie accent and now consults to Australia’s Minister of Science and Technology.

Professor Diculous is played by business comedian Rodney Marks


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