TALKING SALES 12: “Empowering Salespeople with Technology” – Tony J Hughes

Robot salesperson
A 4 minute interview by John Smibert                          Ryan Etter | Getty Images

Tony Hughes provides insight into how the sales world will utilise emerging technology in order to improve selling capability.

Tony initially comments on four significant new technology trends that are being adopted now and are creating an evolution in selling.  Then he explores three emerging technologies that he believes could revolutionise the way we sell. One example he gives is artificial intelligence.

He then provides some thoughts on

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John leads three related organisations, Custell, Strategic Selling Group and Sales Masterminds APAC. These help B2B selling organisations, who recognise the need to transform their sales capability, to respond to the tsunami of change that is starting to wash over us all. He works with people who recognise that to survive they must more strategically support their customer in their buying journey - and understand that they must become specialists in the customer's domain in order to be of value to them. He also helps sales teams build differentiated personal brands and leverage the digital and social worlds to engage to create trust and value.

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